Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Webinar FAQ using WebEx. 

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact Webinars@cppaparking.org

How do I attend a Webinar?

Webinars and Past Webinars (Library) are posted on the CPPA website under Events www.cppaparking.org/events .

Registration is required before you can attend a Webinar. Some Webinars may require a fee that can be paid during the registration process. Free and Recorded Webinars also require registration. Free Webinars are only available to members of CPPA.

After registration and payment an email with the Webinar link will be sent to the email address provided during registration.

Can I watch a Webinar from a past event?

Yes, all Webinars are recorded for future viewing, in our Webinar Library. Registration will be required to receive the necessary link to begin a recorded Webinar. If there was a fee for the original Webinar, there will be a fee required to view the recorded Webinar as well and paid during the registration process.

What do I need to access WebEx?

  • A computer and with a web browser.  WebEx works with most browsers. In addition to these browsers Cisco has a full list of compatible browsers is available.
  • After you join the meeting, you will be directed to download the necessary plugins to start your WebEx meetings. Logging in 15 minutes early is advisable.

How do I access WebEx?  

  • You will need a specific WebEx link that is valid ONLY for your access,
  • The invitation will be sent to you via email, select the Meeting URL link to join the meeting,
  • Enter your email address ( name@domain.com ).

Can I ask Questions?

No, not during the presentation, but if the Webinar allows time for questions it will be announced, and you will see the Q&A tab activated.

Can the Presenter hear me?

No, all participants are automatically muted during the Webinar, only if the Host unmutes you, can you communicate during the Webinar. If the Webinar allows time for questions it will be announced, and you will see the Q&A tab activated. Otherwise, questions should be sent directly to the Presenter or to CPPA at Webinars@cppaparking.org.


What happens if I miss the Webinar?

Free webinars are available to CPPA members in our Webinar library at www.cppaparking.org/events at any time, but still require registration to receive the Webinar Link.

If you missed a Webinar where a fee was paid to attend, go to the Webinar Library and your email will allow you to view the recorded Webinar one time.

Can a Webinar be transferred to a different attendee?

No, the attendee is set-up with the credentials provided at the time of registration. If an attendee is unable to attend the webinar they will have the ability to watch the recorded version one time. If you still need assistance, please contact Webinars@cppaparking.org

What are the different roles in a meeting?

While the host assumes responsibility for many tasks during a Meeting Center meeting, other participants may also play a role in the success of a meeting. There are three different roles for our WebEx meetings:

  • Host: CPPA meeting coordinator
  • Presenter : Individual presenting the meeting (speaker)
  • Attendee : all other participants without an assigned role

Can I access WebEx from anywhere?

Yes, WebEx can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Depending on the speed of your connection, you may experience some loss of quality or other issues.

Can I invite someone else to join the Webinar?

No, Attendees must register for the Webinar, in some cases there may be a fee to attend the Webinar. The link sent to your email will only be able to be used by the person and EMAIL used to register for the meeting.

What happens if I lose my WebEx login link?

The WebEx login link was included within the content of your registration receipt email. In the event you don't have access to this email, all registrations and individual links are retained by CPPA, please contact Webinars@cppaparking.org .

What happens when the host leaves the meeting?

WebEx is configured to end the meeting when the host leaves.  This is a global setting and not configurable per user. 

How secure is the WebEx Meeting Center?

The WebEx Meeting Center service has multiple layers of security. Participants entering the audio and web portion of your meeting, are sent to a virtual waiting room and wait there until the moderator lets them into the main meeting room. The moderator can see name and telephone number of participants and also audio portions of the meeting. Therefore, moderator has the power to dismiss any participant from the meeting if he/she does not recognize the participant. Any information that has been uploaded to the conference server can only be viewed by the people who have access to that account. Each account has its own directory on the server and without proper rights; other participants can't see the directory.

Moderators can also use SSL, or Secure Socket Layer. It will encrypt the information displayed in an online meeting and is integrated with WebEx Meeting Center. SSL offers 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level of encryption that is offered to the consumer in the market being the same level of security that banks and online shopping companies use.

Refunds for non-attended events. Contact Webinars@cppaparking.org to request a refund.

All Webinar attendees' names are saved upon joining the meeting, in the event the Webinar or recording was never viewed, a refund will be made.

Copyright: Recording of a webinar or distribution is prohibited. Reproduction of webinar images and text, handout material or pictures without written permission of the copyright holder is in violation of the U.S. law.

Disclaimer: It is the objective of the CPPA Webinar Program to be a platform for training, education and information sharing as a service to the Association's membership. As such, the opinions and positions stated are those of the authors/presenters and do not necessarily represent those of the California Public Parking Association, nor do they represent an endorsement of any product or service by the Association. Those providing materials for use in a CPPA webinar are expected to obtain any and all required permissions to allow their use and distribution.

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