About CPPA

The California Public Parking Association (CPPA) is purposed to advance the public parking profession in the state by providing a forum for its members to interact, exchange ideas and information, and to provide technical and legislative support.


In the mid-1980s a small group of municipal parking program managers from both Northern and Southern California recognized a need for a new organization to foster communication and information sharing between parking professionals in California. In April 1985 they organized the first California Public Parking Association conference in the City of Monterey. Over 100 parking program representatives and suppliers throughout California attended the event. During the conference the CPPA’s first business meeting was held. As a result of this meeting the CPPA was formally created.


The purpose of the CPPA is to provide its members with the following opportunities:

  • Professional Development
  • Legislative Program
  • Networking
  • Exchange of Information
  • Technology Forum
  • Membership Participation in the CPPA

Professional Development

One of the key objectives of the CPPA is to provide its members with opportunities for professional development.
These include:

  • Annual Association Conference
  • Regional Workshops and Meetings
  • Training Programs
  • Vendor and Consultant Exhibits
  • Monthly Association Newsletter
  • CPPA Website
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
  • Career and RFP Announcements
  • Membership Directory

Legislative Program

CPPA members benefit by having their voices heard in Sacramento! The CPPA, through its Legislative Committee, actively monitors all parking related legislative initiatives and participates in the legislative process based upon the input received from its members.
The CPPA provides the following services:

  • The Association employs a full time lobbyist in Sacramento.
  • Members are provided with a periodic legislative digest which summarizes the active legislative that the CPPA is tracking, supporting or opposing.
  • The Association sponsors and provides articulate support or opposition for legislation affecting the membership.


CPPA offers the ability to communicate directly with parking colleagues for support and interaction. Our annual conference and trade show and our regional meeting and workshops offer a face-to-face experience for both how-to and basic requirements. Social media platforms provides the ability to post information or ask questions. Our membership directory can put you directly in touch with professionals at all levels working in parking, including a variety of vendors and consultants.

Exchange of Information

You can use our newsletter, our website, and our social media outlets to share or seek out information on any parking related subject.

Technology Forum

Technology plays an ever increasing role in parking. Our annual conference, trade show and exhibit hall offers a special opportunity to learn about new products first hand and to interact with a broad range of vendors offering the latest in parking technology. Our newsletter and website provide the vendors with another opportunity to display their skills and products. Even better is the opportunity to share experiences with your peers at our conference and regional workshops.


The CPPA is a non-profit organization run by individuals in the parking profession who volunteer their time to operate and advance the Association. Members are encouraged to participate by joining one of many committees that assist the Board of Directors in the management of the Association. Any member can become involved with one of our various committees. There are also opportunities to volunteer with various aspects of the annual conference and other CPPA activities.

CPPA Founders

  • A.D. "Don" Darnell
  • Paul Jordan
  • Joan Noon
  • Robert Quist
  • Marshall Reeves
  • Marguerite Sturges

CPPA Presidents

  • 2014 - Wayne Dalton
  • 2013 - Wayne Dalton
  • 2012 - Marlene Cramer
  • 2011 - Marlene Cramer
  • 2010 - Chad Lynn
  • 2009 - Chad Lynn
  • 2008 - Matt Farell
  • 2007 - Matt Farell
  • 2006 - Robert Horch
  • 2005 - Robert Horch
  • 2004 - Don Korotsky Norte
  • 2003 - Don Korotsky Norte
  • 2002 - Mike Melvin
  • 2001 - Mike Melvin
  • 2000 - Debi Elton
  • 1999 - Debi Elton
  • 1998 - Joe Ferrer
  • 1997 - Joe Ferrer
  • 1996 - Kaye S. Beechum
  • 1995 - Kaye S. Beechum
  • 1994 - James P. Rice
  • 1993 - Toby J. Fox
  • 1992 - Toby J. Fox
  • 1991 - William Gallagher, Jr.
  • 1990 - William Gallagher, Jr.
  • 1990 - Marguerite Sturges
  • 1989 - Marguerite Sturges
  • 1988 - Marguerite Sturges
  • 1987 - Kevin Hagerty
  • 1986 - Joan Noon
  • 1985 - Marshall Reeves